2012 Goals

Start weight (285) / Current weight (252) / Goal weight (199)

My major goal for 2012 is to be under 200lb by my brother’s wedding in September 2012. This is an ambitious goal, but I’d like to have a decent crack at it.

After a quick squizz at the calendar, there are 32 dieting weeks left until D-Day. If I have a good week then I can lose 2lb pretty consistently. So, that’s a maxiumum possible loss of 64lb, giving me a bit of wiggle room for disastrous weeks–I’m not daft enough to think that I’m going to be perfect.

Here are the mini-goals I’ll be hitting along the way.  I plan to strike these off as I reach them.

250lb (17st 12) Achieved 24/02/12

245lb (40lb lost) Achieved 23/03/12
17st 5 / 243lb (3 stone lost) Achieved 30/03/12

16st 12 (3.5 stone lost)

235lb (50lb lost)
16st 5 (4 stone lost)
15st 12 (4.5 stone lost)
15st 5 (5 stone lost)
14st 12 (5.5 stone lost)
14st 5 (6 stone lost)
199lb (8th September, 2012)
196lb (14 stone)

To achieve this I’m going to ensure that I plan each week’s meals, make sure I have good and healthy snacks available (even though I don’t snack very much anymore), and get consistent about exercising.  I also need to start getting enough sleep to help keep my stress (and cortisol levels) low and hopefully stop fat accumulating on my belly!


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