Meal Planning Monday (6 Feb ’12)

6 Feb


As I am sometimes a Bear of Little Brain and prone to standing in the middle of the kitchen wondering what I planned to cook for dinner, I have taken to planning out my meals for the week.  This allows me to pretend to be terrifically organised and some sort of uber-mum.  Shh!  In theory this lets me shop once for the week and not have to battle my way round the supermarket mid-week.  (There was a point last year when I realised I’d been to the supermarket every day for ten days straight.  I blushed all the way home when one of the staff commented on it.)

Here’s my menu for the week.  All primal/low-carb/grain-free/whatever you want to call it.

M: Roast pork belly, carrot-cauliflower puree, roasted Brussels sprouts

T: Pad Thai (with zero-carb Miracle Noodles)

W: Chocolate chilli with cauliflower rice

T: Pork & fennel meatballs on courgette spaghetti

F: Sausages, cauliflower mash, braised red cabbage

S: Chocolate chilli with sweet potato fries and green beans

S: Chicken, bacon and butternut squash cauliflower ‘risotto’

In case anyone is interested, I actually have a laminated menu-plan adorning my fridge.  I am so mean… I moved all of Lucas’s beloved fridge magnets to the dishwasher so that I could use the fridge.  I use this gorgeous saucepan one from Ollie Bird and had it printed (A2 size) and laminated at a local print shop for about £3 and picked up some dry-erase pens at Tesco (£1.50 for two plus eraser).  Sadly laminated things don’t photograph well, but on the plus side you are all saved from squinting at my dreadful writing!


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