Tales from the scales #5

1 Mar

Phew!  Busy week!

I opted to weigh in a day earlier than usual as I knew today would be a bit tricky for food.  Roaming the countryside with friends and stopping at random pubs for food doesn’t lend itself to particularly good eating.  Well, usually.  I think I did pretty well to find a gorgeous steak–wikipedia tells me that a bavette of steak is a flank steak, learn something new every day–with a flat mushroom and roasted tomatoes.  Perfectly primal!  We had mezze for dinner–I had shark!  Always wanted to have shark!–and while I did succumb to a solitary scoop of Turkish Delight ice-cream, I’m not bothered.  I’m planning to zumba tomorrow and I reckon I’m still in the carb sweet spot anyway.  Plus, I let Lucas eat half my scoop as well.  I’m all for him trying new flavours!

So, to the scales!

Last week: 17st 11 (249 lb)

This week: 17st 9 (247 lb)

2lb lost!

Only four pounds to go and I’ll have lost 3 stone!  I’ve just had a peek at my first weight loss entry and I’ve lost 7lb in 5 weeks which I think is pretty respectable and it is seriously motivating to see the line on my graph going down down down. Time to make a plan for next week and stick to it.


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