Stonehenge and other diversions

2 Mar

It’s been a busy few days at Cauliflower Towers.  After going to the London Comic Super Show (more on that later), Dave dropped Lucas and I at home and then headed back to London to spend the week showing some friends around the city.  They’d come over for a “once in a lifetime” type trip, so he was happy to tag along and play tour guide.  From all accounts, they had an awesome time!  I am very, very jealous that they went to the Sherlock Holmes Museum and I will definitely be going there when I’m next in the smoke!

Yesterday our friends wanted to see some countryside before jetting off home, which we certainly have plenty of in England, so I picked them up at the train station and we went to Stonehenge and then to Bath.  I had forgotten just how bleak Salisbury Plain could be.  The wind was bitterly cold up there!  But Stonehenge was awesome, as it always is.  They now have an audio tour included in the ticket price, which is what I was listening to in the photo above, which is quite dramatic and along with the mist and the wind, it was quite an atmospheric trip.

By the time we got to Bath the sun had struggled out from behind the clouds and it was gloriously warm.  (The temperature swung from 5C at Stonehenge in the morning to 14C!)

I say this every time I’m there, but I really should spend more time in Bath.  It’s one of the prettiest cities around and would be great for a nice long walk…. There’s almost always an opera singer or two busking near the Abbey on sunny days, and I love the speciality shops…

And now, take a trip back in time to the LCSS!  It was awesome!  One of the best shows I’ve ever been to.  I think the organisers did a great job for their inaugural show.  We met up with some old friends and made some new ones, and I stood in several queues with determined Britishness and got sketches from three of my favourite artists.  Lucas dressed up as a Power Ranger and eventually decided that posing with other superheroes was quite fun.

Lucas with She-Hulk and Wolverine

Before the show started we went for a walk around Tower Hill and then across Tower Bridge for the first time.  Tower Bridge is hugely iconic to me.  I grew up on kid’s TV shows made by Thames Television, and I remember seeing the bridge on TV several times a day as a result.  I always get a bit tingly whenever I cross the Thames and going across Tower Bridge itself?  Awesome.  Such magnificent architecture and engineering.

Oh, and last, but by no means least, my amazing Batman sketch by Jock!


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