Walking to Rivendell

21 Mar

No man (or woman) is an island.  Especially not when losing weight.  For the past six weeks I’ve been joined on my primal adventure by my friend Georgie and I’ve got to say… it’s been absolutely brilliant having someone to talk to who understands all the little things that other people might find banal or bizarre!  We’ve been nudging each other every day via Facebook to eat properly or do some exercise and it definitely works–the proof of that can be found in our smaller sized jeans!

We’ve been talking about getting more consistent with exercising and I happened to remember something I’d stumbled across a few years ago when Lord Of The Rings was at the peak of its fannish craziness: A Walk to Rivendell.  I’ve been enjoying watching my miles add up on Runkeeper and the idea of layering a bit of geeky fun on top pleases me greatly.  I mentioned it to Georgie and ten minutes later found myself with a new FB group and a virtual walking buddy or two.  People have joined us!  I never expected that.  So now we have our own Fellowship!  We probably need a cool name…

I’m so impressed with the Rivendell walk on Eowyn’s Challenge which have been created by the author of the Atlas of Middle Earth.  Those hobbits covered some serious mileage every day!  I knew their journey was long, but the movies compressed it quite nicely to the point that it seemed more like a ramble in the countryside rather than the long and arduous journey it was.  I mean… 18 miles in a day?  And a seven day trip to get to Bree?  Wow.  And days and days of travel after that.  Hobbit feet are obviously incredibly tough as well as being hairy.  I’m not aspiring to cover quite the same distance on a daily basis, in fact, my only goal is to walk for 10 minutes a day.  I figure that if I do that, I probably won’t want to stop after a paltry 10 minutes but for getting out of the door purposes, a 10 minute goal should work nicely.

Today I’ve clocked up 2.9 miles (or 2.1 if you listen to Runkeeper’s craziness) which leaves me at mile 20 (or 458).  I’m left Bag End, and am firmly in Green Hill Country on a long road that rolls up and down.  I haven’t encountered anything scary as yet, but I did walk a couple of bags of old toys up to the charity shop in the village (extra resistance and petrol-saving in one fell swoop!)


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