Songs for the road

28 Mar

Here is my walking buddy posing in the valley behind our house.  Isn’t he a cool dude?

We’ve been clocking up the miles together on the school run (well, walk) since I decided to follow in the hairy footsteps of those brave hobbits and walk from Bag End to Rivendell.  It’s been really lovely, especially as the sun has been blazing away beautifully.  We’ve been able to roam around the valley and marvel at the bluebells, primroses and exceedingly fat bumble bees and talk about nature and the seasons while walking home.  (I’d walk in the mornings, too, if I was awake enough.  So not a morning person.)

Today we indulged in a grand hobbit tradition and sang as we walked home.  If anyone was in earshot… sorry.  Here’s our current favourite!

I’m currently on mile 27 of my walk, which puts me almost at the end of a very long road which rolls up and down.  I’m looking forward to reaching the next milestone from the book and ‘seeing’ something more interesting than this road!!  I should probably do more than 1.4 miles a day unless I want to take a year to walk to Rivendell but I’m proud of myself for getting off my arse and walking every day!



One Response to “Songs for the road”

  1. Janet NZ March 29, 2012 at 5:55 am #

    First – thanks for reminding me (on my blog) about quince being great in tajines (my blog will not allow me access at the moment [!])
    Second – Have I told you that we [me and Rick] were ‘sound effects’ on the Lord of the Rings movies????
    We were at a cricket game, and Sir Peter Jackson came at half-time and recorded us all doing chants and stomps and such…
    There are amazing advantages to being a Kiwi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE the ‘walking to Rivendell’ “thing”
    I think I will have to copy you… XO 🙂

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