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Tales from the scales #11

22 Apr

Gah, I really must start blogging more frequently!

I have to confess to a carb-laden comfort eating week, driven by stress but mostly by weakness.  I have managed to bully myself into two days of solid Primal eating and feel much better for it.  All the Easter eggs have either been chucked away or eaten by Other People so that’s a blessing.

Last week: 17st 4

This week: 17st 6

Gain of 2lb

I have visions of waking up in a few weeks to find that I’m tipping the scales at 18stone (or worse) again, so I need to refocus my efforts and get back to the business of losing weight.  The weather is supposed to be horrendous all week, so I shall unearth Wii Zumba or a Leslie Sansone DVD and get some exercise in at home.  I need to make sure that I do lots of stretching afterwards as I pulled a calf muscle last week 😦

Aside from eating myself into a gluttonous food coma, I have been doing loads of organising and tidying at home.  I’m rather pleased to have gotten rid of a few big bags of clothes and to have helped the school raise money at the same time.  I’ve also decluttered, cleaned and tidied the kitchen and managed to keep it in a state of glorious serenity for over a week!  I can’t help but smile every time I walk into the kitchen now and it makes cooking so much easier, too.  I really wish that I’d taken before and after pictures so that I could show off a little.  On the other hand, I’m secretly grateful that no one has seen my horrendously messy kitchen!!



Tales from the scales #10

13 Apr

So, um… I’ve been a bit quiet of late, haven’t I?  It turns out that I can get through the Christmas holidays and my birthday unscathed, but Easter is a different kettle of fish.  Last week I gained 2lb and fell headlong into a vat of bread, pasta, chocolate and sugar.  Needless to say, I was feeling absolutely dreadful by this Wednesday, so I girded my loins and started eating properly again.

Last week: 17st 5

This week: 17st 4

Loss of 1lb

I’m really happy with losing a pound; it’s bloody brilliant for just two days of primal eating!  I’m hoping that I’ll feel back to normal after a week of eating well… I still feel very bloated and achey.  Oats really aren’t my friend!!  When school starts again on Monday I should be able to slip back into my usual routine and start walking again, too, which should help shift this extra pound and lose me some more, too.  One day soon the scales will say 16st something 🙂

Tales from the scales #9

30 Mar

What a week!  Dave broke his collarbone last Friday so we’ve had a weekend of hospitals and sleeping very badly.  I really need to get back to meal planning properly, but despite not having anything written down we’ve had some awesome meals lately and I’ve done a lot of walking.  It’s now the Easter holidays so I am going to try and get Lucas excited about walking and drag him out for a daily walk as I’ve been enjoying soaking up the sun and all the exercise seems to be having a positive effect…

Last week: 17st 6

This week: 17st 3

Loss: 3lb

This takes me to a total loss of 3st 2lb (44lb) since the middle of October!  I am beyond thrilled.  This is the most successful I’ve ever been at losing weight and it really is sustainable for life.  I love eating Primal!!

I’ve popped an updated progress photo on my progress page.

Tales from the scales #8

23 Mar

*flails like Kermit*

I have lost weight.  I’ve lost a lot of weight.  I’m still utterly amazed and very, very happy.

I’ve spent the past two weeks or so lamenting my woes to poor Georgie.  First there was the week when I did absolutely everything right and lost nothing, and then there was the week when I fell into a vat of carbs for two days around Dave’s birthday and gained a pound (totally okay with that… I had expected more) and then the scales didn’t move.  (Yeah, I’m guilty of hopping on the scales all too frequently at the moment.)   I’ve been keeping going, just taking each day as it comes and trying to do my very best, but the level of angst and whinge was rising to worryingly teenage levels.

Well, there’s no need for any more angsting from me!

Last week: 17st 10

This week: 17st 6

I lost 4lb!!

This takes me to 41lb lost, so I can tick lose 40lb off my list of things to do, and I only need to lose a paltry one pound to reach the (by now magical) 3 stone lost.  Can’t wait to get there!  I’ve already got my reward picked out… I’ve been gagging for the BBC to release Doctor Who and The Daemons on DVD for years and I refuse to buy it until I weigh 17st 5 🙂

(Walking is still going well.  I’ve been walking daily and finally managed to crack the 3mph barrier today, even if it was only for one mile with a slower mile 2.  I’m now 23 miles into my epic journey and I think it might be time to re-read the books…)

Tales from the scales #7

16 Mar

It’s been a good, but busy week.   It was Dave’s birthday so I spent much of the week being consumed by making his birthday cake and spoiling him, and unfortunately fell into two days of eating badly. Still, all the birthday cake has been given away to appreciative minions at work and I’m back on track.  I’ve gained a pound but I’m trying to remain sanguine about the whole thing.  I chose to eat badly–no one held me down and forced cake between my trembling lips–so next time I will choose to eat healthfully and be extra-careful around birthdays!

Last week 17st 9

This week 17 st 10

Gain of 1lb

And now I must get back to the kitchen.  I’m cooking up some paleo char sui in preparation for dinner.  If the pork tastes half as good as it smells then my tummy will be very happy indeed!

Tales from the scales #6

10 Mar

Some weeks you can do everything right and the scale refuses to reward your hard work with a numerical prize.  This week I ate right, worked out four times, got plenty of sleep, drank lots of water and didn’t get any payout.  Except… I kinda did.  The scales might not have moved but I noted that my new jeans are annoyingly baggy already and I’ve only had them for three weeks.  My tummy also looks smaller, which is awesome.

I still stropped around for most of yesterday in a bad mood, but I am pleased to report that I didn’t comfort eat or even succumb to the temptation to nibble on leftover fondant after making decorations for Dave’s birthday cake.  It would have been very easy to have slipped a bit of fondant into my mouth, but I didn’t.  Mostly I didn’t fancy it because it was pure sugar but also… I didn’t want to derail the good work I’d done which would eventually payoff.

Last week 17st 9

This week 17st 9

No change

So… on to another week.  I’m pondering what to cook while I watch some ancient (but excellent) Doctor Who.  There are worse ways to spend a Saturday evening, that’s for sure!

Downward trend…

2 Mar


I love graphs. Especially when they show a steady downward trend! This graph from MyFitnessPal (allana3uk, if anyone fancies buddying up) shows my loss over the last three months. You can see the occasional blip where I’ve had a stressful week and resorted to comfort eating, but I’ve managed to get myself back on track each time. That’s what I’m proudest of.

So, here’s to another three months of trending downwards! I wonder how low I can go?